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Educator's Reference Desk This new site includes the 2000 lesson plans, 3000 value-added pointers to education information & organizations, and 200 question archives you have been accessing at for over 10 years. You can also continue to access the ERIC database at the Educator's Reference Desk. This version of the Database, updated monthly with the latest citations available, provides access to ERIC Document citations from 1966 through February 2004 and ERIC Journal citations from 1966 through January 2004.

The full-text version of ERIC is accessible through the EBSCO service: provides access to information from journals included in the Current Index of Journals in Education and Resources in Education Index. ERIC provides full text of more than 2,200 digests along with references for additional information and citations and abstracts from over 1000 educational and education-related journals.

  Web-site of the journal Internet-based, full-text version is available from institutional IP-addresses Authorization for subscribed journal is arranged automatically via M/e/o/s Minerva Electronic Online Services
1. Across Across  
2. Annual Review of Applied Linguistics    
3. Applied Linguistics Applied Linguistics (1996-) Applied Linguistics (2002/3-)
4. ELT Journal ELT Journal (1996-) ELT Journal (2001/1-)
5. Essential Teacher    
6. Foreign Language Annals    
7. IRAL    
8. Language Learning Language Learning (2008) Language Learning (2006-2008)
9. Language Teaching (abstracts only) Language Teaching (2007, 2008/1)  
10. Language Testing    
11. Modern English Teacher    
12. Modern Language Journal Modern Language Journal (2000-) Modern Language Journal (2006-2008)
13. Studies in Second Language Acquisition   Studies in Second Language Acquisition (1997-2003)
14. System System (1997-)  
15. The Teacher Trainer The Teacher Trainer (selcetion 1986-)  
16. TESOL Quarterly TESOL Quarterly (2001-)  

Finding further journal articles on your topic

There will be occasions when you will wish to extend and update the references you have been given, for example when writing an essay or doing research.  The best way to find references in the periodical literature is to use indexing and abstracting services.

Some definitions

Are lists, usually in alphabetical order, enabling you to find information on a particular subject or by a particular author.  Most journals produce their 
own indexes.
Are summaries of a piece of work, usually in enough detail to allow you to decide if the original item is worth consulting. 
These articles critically examine work in a subject area, comparing the contributions of workers in that area.  They give a broad picture, useful in exploring a new subject.  They appear in special review publications: in Education, for example, there is a periodical: 
Review of educational research 
They may appear as articles in a periodical which also contains original work.  It is possible to find these using indexes and abstracts, or using the ‘limit’ function on CD ROMs. 

Many key resources are now available electronically as CD ROM or online services.

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Teachers understanding teaching: A multimedia hypertext tool

ELT Journal on CD-ROM: 1981-1998, Volumes 36/1-52/4

TESOL Journal - Digital: 1991-2002, Volumes 1-11

TESOL Quarterly - Digital: 1967-2002, Volumes 1-36

N.B. the above list does not include all the CD-ROMs and online services available in the SEAS Library - see the Library Web pages for a full list. If you have any queries please ask at the Issue desk.

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The Internet

One of the most popular Internet resources is the World Wide Web, which links millions of electronic pages of text, also graphics, sound and video.  A good introductory book is:

Winship I & McNab A (1996)  The student's guide to the Internet  London : Library Association Publishing

A text written specifically for Education is:

Myhill M (1994) The world at your fingertips : a guide to electronic information sources relevant in education  ? : LISE

Quick Resource Sheets by Gabriel Skop - Gabriel Skop az Oktatási Minisztérium szaktanácsadója a számítógép és nyelvoktatás területén. A jelentős nemzetközi tapasztalattal rendelkező amerikai szakember amellett, hogy személyesen is elutazik az ország bármely iskolájába segítséget nyújtani, rendszeresen szerkeszt és küld az érdeklődő nyelvtanárok számára tematikus linkgyűjteményeket.A levelezőlistára a következő e-mail címen lehet feliratkozni:

English Online - A B&T Nyelviskola angol nyelvoktató honlapja

BUBL LINK - Education: Internet resources for education listed by the BUlletin Board for Libraries - Libraries of Networked Knowledge service

CTI (Computers in Teaching Initiative)

CTI Centre for Modern Languages, University of Hull

HERON (Higher Education Resources On-line) Project to develop a nation-wide database of teaching materials in electronic format in the UK to be available over the Internet. Part of its remit is to obtain copyright clearance on behalf of users, while protecting the rights and interests of the authors.

Regional English Language Office (RELO) (in English only)

Links by the Department of English Applied Linguistics, SEAS, ELTE

Educational Research Abstracts - the essential online global education research tool, on a subscription basis

The Fulbright Educational Advising Center (FEAC) (in English only)

Soros-Fulbright American Higher Education Information Center=Amerikai Felsőoktatási Információs Központ, Szeged (in English only)

Soros-USIS Advising Center=Soros-USIS Amerikai Információs Iroda, Szombathely (in Hungarian only)

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The Library has many books on research methods. These can be found using subject searching on HORIZON.  For example:

Bell J (1993) Doing your research project: a guide for first-time researchers in education and social science.
Buckingham : Open University Press

Guidance on citing references:

MLA Handbook recommendations for references and the APA Publication manual both available at the SEAS Library.

If you are citing Internet references, guidance is available on the Web itself:

Cite them right!

BUBL page on bibliographies - the BUlletin Board for Libraries includes links to guides on citing Internet resources.

Local guide to writing essays and thesis papers, issued by the SEAS departments

APA Guidelines

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Theses at SEAS Library

Details of theses are on HORIZON.  A copy of all theses is held at the SEAS Library. 

Other theses

In Education, British Education Theses Index gives details of theses accepted for higher degrees at British and Irish Universities.  From 1950 to 1989 it is available on microfiche; from 1976 onwards it is included with the British Education Index which is available online.

Index to theses, published quarterly, lists theses by subject and contains an author index. Recent years have an abstract. 

Dissertation Abstracts, published monthly on microfiche, gives details of American and Canadian theses. Coverage between Jan. 1994-Dec. 1998 is available in the ELTE University Library.

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From within the SEAS Library access to the Web is free, and access to some online services is via password.  From a PC at home or work, with a Web browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape it should be possible to look at Web pages; some services are based on IP-addresses belonging to the University.

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Should you require instruction in using a CD ROM or online database, this can be booked at the SEAS Library,  which can be contacted at  411-6500/2352 ext.

There is a library e-mail address for queries:

And the Library Web pages are at:


The Computing Facilities within SEAS has a technical manager in Office E359 at Rákóczi út 5., his extension is 4302. 

The Computing Facilities Web pages are at:


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