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  • Public gallery of SEAS Library
  • We'd like to record the construction and move of the library. Please come and visit regularly to follow the progress. Albums by date:

          March 3, 2006: Original location before construction

          July 14, 2006: Floor of Reading Room ready

August 9, 2006: Wall is washed and cleaned

November 19, 2006: Roof without glass - Phase 1

February 20-April 6, 2007: Library move

Construction in chronological order

  • Scottish book donation ceremony on June 13, 2006: On behalf of the Association for Scottish Literary Studies (ASLS) poet Tom Hubbard from the University of Edinburgh presented a sizeable collection of Scottish books, which will supplement another shipment donated earlier by the British Council. Click HERE to view a few pictures.
  • EISZ-cabinet opening, May 13, 2003. The Electronic Information Service opened with 10 workstations providing access to information resources on the Internet.
  • Pictures taken at the opening meeting of the Alumnus Association, June 7, 2002.
  • MAY 2002 - EVENT

    The Department of English studies and the SEAS Library have recently received valuable books from the Irish Embassy. The celebration with the presence of the Irish Ambassador took place in the SEAS Library in late May 2002. The Head of the DES, István Géher as well as Ferenc Takács, Erzsébet Zombory, Győző Ferenc and Miklós Lojkó represented the Department at the memorable event. You can have a look at the photos that were taken at the event. CLICK HERE


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