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At SEAS Library, theses are for reference consultation
and may not be removed from the Library.

Theses and Dissertations give an account of research carried out at a University or higher education institution as part of the requirement for a doctor’s or master’s degree. They should include a certain amount of original work and may later form the basis of a journal article or monograph.

The SEAS Library holds a number of books and style manuals to help you write a thesis, dissertation or report. These include the:

MLA Handbook (available in the Language Pedagogy collection at LP/W7),

MLA style manual by Joseph Gibaldi (LP/W138),

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (LP/W137),

The Chicago manual of style (PE1408.U69).

Check the terms "report writing", "dissertations, academic" or "bibliographical citations" using the Basic Search in Aleph WebOPAC (ELTE union catalogue).

You may find the following online guides helpful:

- Department of American Studies

- Department of English Applied Linguistics

- Department of English Linguistics

- Department of English Studies

- Department of English Language Pedagogy (BA), (MA in ELT) former Centre for English Teacher Training (CETT)

SEAS Theses

  • All the MA theses and PhD dissertations are catalogued in Aleph WebOPAC (ELTE union catalogue) with entries under author, title, and subjects in English (Library of Congress Subject Headings) and in Hungarian.
  • To find a list of theses Aleph WebOPAC (ELTE union catalogue), choose the Basic Search, type 'dissertations', in addition to your topic of interest, leave All Fields as a default, and select BTK Angol-Amerikai Intézet Kvt. (SEAS Library) from Location.

    All theses are available for reference only. Please ask library staff if you wish to consult them. In the SEAS Library theses are kept in closed access and should be requested from the Issue Desk (they are collected from the stacks every 15 minutes).

  • Copyright

    The copyright of a thesis is held by the author and anyone consulting it must sign a copyright declaration. It is strictly prohibited to make any (paper or digital) photocopies from thesis papers!


    Finding Other Theses

    Information about theses can also be found in the MLA Bibliography, which is included in the Literature Resource Center online dataservice. Access to this subscription database is restricted by the IP address of the computers used on-campus or off-campus at ELTE.


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